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Farm Insurance

The companies we work with insure an impressive range of farms and agribusinesses — from small hobby farms to sprawling, vertically integrated operations.


With customizable coverage options and proprietary endorsements designed to protect both business and personal exposures common to agricultural operations, we can easily tailor protection to fit your specialized needs.

Farm Property

Liberty Mutual offers great coverage ranging from your dwelling, appurtenant structures, household personal property, and loss of use.  Get coverage in one policy for your house, barn, grain bins, dairy milk, hay in the open with peace of mind! 

Farm Property Extension Endorsement

Liberty offers an Extension Endorsement on top of your coverage offering a lot more coverage for not a lot of money.  When signing up, this is a must-have for your policy.  Please ask about this coverage.

Farm Liability

Liberty offers liability coverage ranging from bodily injury liability and property damage, chemical drift liability, general aggregate limit, medical payments, and personal advertising injury liability, plus additional options from you to choose from!

Farm Liability Extension

Liberty Mutual offers liability extension options including: bail bonds, broadened definition of farming, broadened definition of insured location, chemical drift liability, custom farming, damage to property of others, and expenses while assisting in the investigation or defense of a claim or suit-loss of earnings.


Let's Work Together

We understand that there's a lot of time and money that goes into your farming operation, and with our crop insurance/farming experience we want to work with you to ensure you're getting the exact coverage you need.

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